Known as an expert on wildlife in glass, Bradford has created everything from small insects to life size elk. Her fondness for nature includes many mountain scenes but she is also interested in ocean life and outer space imagery.
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44" x 27" x 1/2" Tempered
Two of five panels combining abstract design with ocean images. These panels make up a Jacuzzi wraparound in a private residence in Aspen, Colorado.

Dolphin Whirlpool Wraparound

untitled woodland scene
37 1/2 " Diameter x 3/8"
Aspen, Colorado, private residence.
Lobos de la Luna
36" x 30" x 2"
Detail, Multilayered, Sandcarved.
these wolf images are placed against a dark ground, framed and placed on a wall. Sandblasting has an advantage in that it can be effectively shown without transmitted light.
Lobos de la Luna

Russian Tea Room
Forest Reflections
Into the New
Contemporary Thumbnails
Desert Reflections
Wildlife Thumbnails
Faces of the Forest
Cruisin' Through
Lobos de la Luna
Godiva Light
Music of the Spheres
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